We offer a broad range of capabilities for the global arena, integrating extensive professional knowledge with an insightful approach to IP law.

Synergetic Spectrum of IP Solutions
We are an intellectual property firm, focused on patents, that offers a wide range of legal IP services, backed by a profound understanding of the world of technology. Headed by Adv. and Patent Agent (US) Avi Jencmen, and Adv. and Patent Attorney Asaf Shalev, we are positioned as a unique partner of choice for inventors, technology companies and legal firms in Israel and across the globe, who are seeking a trustworthy firm for their IP needs.

We always approach our work from our clients’ perspective.
As an agile, responsive and client-centric firm, we provide outstanding professional services that build a solid bridge between future-forward technologies and the intricate world of intellectual property.
Our clients benefit from the personal responsibility of two highly seasonedexperts, backed by a team of skilled professionals that work together to ensure extraordinary service and reliable results.
As an IP firm with a specialized focus on patents, our offer is flexible yet fundamental. Our portfolio of professional services covers all stages of the patent, trademark and design process. Each process is defined and designed from the viewpoint of our clients, and with the goal of providing them the best possible service, in a timelyand effective manner.

We take our professionalism very personally
Bringing forth synergetic professional backgrounds, personalized attention, and a fresh, forward-thinking approach to our work, we view each case from our client’s stance, while integrating our professional perspective. Driven by our corporate culture of personalized serviceand professional partnership, we build solid, long lasting, trust-based relationships with our clients. We always assume full responsibility for their portfolio so that we can providethem with the work they need as well as the service they want. Our never-ending goal is to make sure they know that they are always in the best hands.