Meirav Shalem / Patent Attorney

Meirav is a certified Israeli Patent Attorney and has been managing patent portfolios for various companies and private clients in various Research and Development stages for the past two decades.

Meirav has a vast experience in providing clients with inclusive worldwide IP services including patent drafting and prosecution, professional legal opinions, freedom to operate (FTO) surveys and analysis and patent portfolio analysis and strategy management. Her main realms of expertise include electro-optics (including fiber and laser technology), mechanics, multidisciplinary sensory systems, robotics, isotopic imaging, therapeutical and diagnostic ultrasound technologies and medical devices.

Prior to her becoming a patent attorney Meirav has worked in research in the fields of solid-state detectors for isotopic tomography (nuclear medicine) and electro-optics devices for optical communication.

Meirav has a B.Sc. in physics from the Technion Institute of Technology.

Registered Israeli Patent Attorney

Languages: Hebrew, English

Phone: +972-9-8933000